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Gas Boiler Service

A gas boiler service is a set of inspections carried out to ensure that your boiler is working at 100% efficiency. Gas boiler service is heavily recommended by all boiler manufacturers and if you fail to get gas boiler service, your warranty may be void.

It is important that you get Gas Safe Register engineers (like ourselves) to carry out your gas boiler service. Do not attempt to carry out your own gas boiler service. Once we have completed the gas boiler service, you will receive a gas boiler service certificate which verifies that we carried out your service. This shows proof that your boiler has been serviced in the past 12 months.

Gas Boiler Service

The Gas Boiler Service Process

During a gas boiler service, we will:

  • Inspect the outside case of the boiler to check for cracks or damages.
  • Test all of the boiler’s internal systems
  • Conduct blockage tests on the flue terminals.
  • Test gas pressure levels.
  • Perform a running inspection whilst the boiler is active.
  • Produce a final report on our findings.

It is recommended that you get gas boiler service annually. If your boiler is found to have faults, catching the issue in a regular inspection allows us to fix any problems before your boiler shuts down.

Gas boiler service can take anywhere from 30-60 minutes. It is important that we perform thorough tests on each element in your boiler, so a longer inspection may be required if we find several faults.

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