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Combi Boiler Service

Combi boilers (also known as combination boilers) have become a popular choice for homeowners in the past few years because they provide both hot water and central heating in one system. A combi boiler service is a routine set of checks and tests that are carried out to make sure that your combi boiler is working at maximum efficiency. Combi boiler service is recommended by all manufacturers of combi boilers as they make your boiler more reliable.

Combi boiler service can only be carried out by registered engineers such as ourselves. You cannot carry out your own boiler service and once your Gas Safe Register inspection is complete, you may receive a combi boiler service certificate to prove that the service was carried out by a qualified engineer.

Combi Boiler Service

The Combi Boiler Service Process

When we come out to perform a combi boiler service, we will do the following:

  • Perform a visual inspection of the boiler and all surrounding areas.
  • Inspect the combi boilers’ internal systems.
  • Check that the flue isn’t blocked and is providing good circulation.
  • Carry out a gas test to check for any harmful gasses, such as carbon monoxide.
  • Turn the boiler on so we can observe it whilst it is active.
  • Produce a final report that lists any faults found.

You must have a combi boiler service carried out on your boiler once a year. If your boiler is found to have faults, it is easier to fix them if they are found early, rather than waiting for the dreaded moment when your boiler stops working.

Combi boiler service can take anywhere from 30 minutes up to an hour. It is important that we perform thorough tests on each element in your boiler, so a longer inspection may be required if we find several faults with your boiler.

Having a combi boiler inspection will help you save money by maintaining the efficiency of your boiler, rather than paying for expensive repairs or a new boiler later down the line.

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