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Electric Boiler Service

Electric boilers use electricity to heat water in your home, rather than the traditional gas/oil. Electric boilers are fitted into most modern homes as they are cheaper to install and maintain than traditional boilers. Despite this, electric boiler service is still an annually required service to ensure that your boiler is fully operational.

An electric boiler service is a set of tests performed on your electric boiler to make sure that there are no faults with the boiler. Electric boiler service is highly recommended by all boiler manufacturers and if you fail to get your boiler serviced on time, your warranty may be void. Electric boiler service can only be carried out by registered engineers (such as ourselves). It is crucial that you do not perform your own electric boiler service.

Electric Boiler Service

The Electric Boiler Service Process

During your electric boiler service, we will:

  • Check all electrical connections to inspect for any possible corrosion.
  • Check the tundish and surrounding area for signs of water.
  • Check for vermin bites or any other animal interference.
  • Check the air bubble in the cylinder tank.
  • Check the thermostat for functionality/wear.

Just like with standard boilers, you must have an electric boiler service carried out annually. If your electric boiler is found to have damages or faults, it is important that we fix these issues before your boiler completely breaks down.

Electric Boiler Service last approximately 30 minutes, but this can turn into 60+ minutes if we find any major faults with your boiler. It is important that we perform thorough tests on each element in your boiler, so a longer inspection may be required if we find several faults with your boiler.

We also offer other types of boiler services, including:

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