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Outside Taps – Installation

Whether you need to water the plants, wash the car or clean the drive, you likely need outside taps fitted to your home at some point. Boiler-Tech Gas Services can both install and service your outside taps to ensure that you always have a water source outside when you need it.

Installing outside taps is a relatively straightforward job. In simple terms, the process is as follows:

The first step is to find an area that is suitable for the tap. This is usually the wall outside of the kitchen area as this is where the internal cold water supply runs from. This reduced the amount of pipework needed. Once we have decided on a location for the outside taps, we will need to drill a hole into the wall, turn off the cold water supply and then drill a hole into the water pipes, creating a junction for the new pipe.

We will then run the pipe through the wall and secure it using wall plugs and screw the outside tap into the backplate. We will then check all of the joints, turn the water back on and check for leaks and then fit some insulation material around the pipes to prevent the water from freezing.

This is just an outline of the installation process and it is more detailed than this. Installation times may vary depending on several factors such as:

  • The time of year
  • Where the outside taps will be in relation to the kitchen
  • How many outside taps you will require
  • What you require outside taps for

You can contact us here if you would like to know more about outside tap installation.

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Outside Taps

Outside Taps – Service, Maintenance and Repairs

There are many reasons why your outside taps may not be working. Unless the issues that you noticed are obvious, a plumber will likely need to come out and check the issues with a professional view. Some of the most common reasons that your outside taps may not be working properly are because there is a leak, the water source has frozen due to the weather, or some of the piping has come loose. Boiler-Tech Gas Services provide outside taps service, maintenance and repairs, so we can fix your outside taps issues for you.

To repair an outside tap, you’ll have to remove the tap’s headgear. Without the correct tools, this can be a very tricky task. If you let us handle your outside taps repair, we can conduct a full inspection for damages and, depending on the severity of the issue, potentially have the problem solved that same day.

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