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Electric Boiler Repair

If you own or manage a property that has an electric boiler installed, you may need electric boiler repair to keep your house heated. At Boiler-Tech Gas Services, we have expert electric boiler repair engineers who are ready to fix your electric boiler. We provide around-the-clock service. No matter what time you require electric boiler repair, one of our specialist engineers will be on hand to answer your query and head out for repair.

We are Worcester Bosch accredited engineers. You can be sure that when you call us for electric boiler repair, you are getting the best service in your local area. No matter where you require electric boiler repair, you can be sure that you will receive your affordable service promptly after your contact us.

Boiler-Tech Gas Services can provide you with a range of boiler repairs services, including:

Electric Boiler Repair

Why Might You Need Electric Boiler Repair?

If your electric boiler was installed some time ago or if it wasn’t installed properly, it may be more susceptible to failures.

Some of the most common faults of electric boilers include:

  • Loose wiring connections
  • Poorly installed heating elements
  • Inadequate protection from limescale
  • Low pressure
  • No gas to the boiler

The amount of time that it takes to repair your boiler varies depending on the severity of the issue. If you know of a specific fault that your boiler has or if you’re unsure as to why your heating has suddenly stopped forking, you should contact Boiler-Tech Gas Services for fast and effective electric boiler repair.

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